I am a writer, a reader, a partner and a mom. I enjoy gardening and kayaking… but mostly I do dishes. I am very good at giving advice, giving footrubs and kissing. I am very good at kissing.

I have the most amazing partner who shares my life. He is my biggest supporter, and I can only aspire to show him how much I value him and adore him.

My kids are my most cherished treasure. Watching my baby girls grow to amazing young women, strong and secure in themselves, has been my greatest joy.

My writing spans many genres, but mostly I publish poetry, essays and short stories. I am currently working on a new novel. My writing feeds my soul, while sucking the life out of it… I think many writers can relate.

My favorite non-participatory leisure activity is reading, and it is the first thing that goes when I get busy. My stack (both virtual and otherwise) of books to read would likely span at least a medium-sized waterway.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I know I will.



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