Because I love a good Uprising story…

Army Of Awesome People

I’m a little late to the game, but I recently acquired Apple’s robotic helper, Siri.

Let me just say, things were tense right from the start.siri

I asked Siri what the weather would be like tomorrow.

She responded “It’s not looking good.  Partly cloudy and 29 degrees.”

The fact that Siri interjected her opinion that ‘it’s not looking good’ kind of annoyed me. I’ve been waiting for a sub-freezing day for quite some time so I can finally create an ice slide that I can ride down to my mailbox.

“How are you going to get back up?”  my wife asked.

“Good question,” I said, hitting the button on my iPad.  “Siri, how am I going to get back up?”

“Ok, one of these places matching ‘back up.’ It’s pretty far from you,” Siri responded pulling up listings for a place called Get Back Up 25 miles away.

“I’ll be…

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