Running Away With My Life… or… the dream I had last night

Because I feel like it. Also, because I just started on and needed some words. Also, because it’s a true story.

So when I woke up today, I REALLY wanted to write. I had this great idea after a weird dream, and the idea I had was “Running Away With My Life”… and it is an interesting title to… something.

The dream I had was a typical Melissa dream. I was late, lost and not in control of the situation. I often dream of being in a huge conference hall and not able to find a person, or I am in charge and shit is going wrong. I often dream of airports and hospitals, train stations… I am on the wrong floor and the elevator doesn’t work and the stairs can only be accessed from outside the building… or I am on the wrong track and there is no way to get to where I need to go. That kind of thing.

So this time, it was an airport dream.

I was about an hour away from the airport I needed to be at… but I was already in an airport… so not sure if I was in one end and needed to go to the other…? But in any case, I knew I needed an hour to get to the airport. Whatever. Also, my flight was leaving in TWO hours. So regardless, I was late.

I was also in a wheelchair. No big. I often dream I am in a chair since meeting Henning. I often dream he is NOT in a chair… so that is interesting. Side note, in most dreams where he is not, he is either sitting, or we can’t get up stairs, or… when I notice that he’s not, he then immediately sits down. Funny, right?

Anyway, I was using a chair. And I needed to. In some of my wheelchair dreams, I am using it, but then when I get frustrated I just get up, or use my feet, or something. In not as many, I need the chair for some reason… most are small things like my foot is asleep… weird, but there it is. Rarely do I NEED the chair as in, I can’t use my legs. But in this one, I did.

But the wheels kept coming off. Especially when I went fast. And I NEEDED to go fast. I was already an hour late, remember? (Two hours to check in, for those of us who like to play by the rules.) So I was cruising along… and BAM! A wheel came off.

Now the thing is, wheels don’t just fall off. But I fear it. And the reason I do is because the first time Henning and I met, he was driving this rental, and the chair needed to be broken down and put in the back seat. I would put it back there, and pull it out and put the wheels on. First date. I was a wreck about it. He told me after our lunch at the beach restaurant that when he’d gone to the bathroom, one of the wheels hadn’t been pushed on all the way. There is this click, and it’s that easy. Slides on and off. And the pin is thick and long… so even then, the wheel wouldn’t FALL OFF. He explained no harm done, just thought it was funny… but for some reason, I am paranoid now about making sure I hear that CLICK every time. hahaha… right.

So in my dream, the right wheel just came off. In my hand. And I didn’t fall over, like what would really happen if for some reason the wheel happened to shear off… of course the chair would immediately tip… but in my dream, I stayed level… but had to sort of shift to the left and slip the wheel back on. The pin was broken, I realized… so it didn’t go in all the way… and there was certainly no click… LOL

A bit later, the left wheel came off. I had gotten brave, and had been going fast again… and BAM! The wheel was in my hand… I was kind of floating… and I had to shift RIGHT to put the left wheel on. Again, the pin was broken. hmmm…

So time is passing, I’m stressing… and of course I am speeding along again. Henning had been discussing a wheelchair racer the other night, and for some reason in my dream, I was RACING. And BOTH WHEELS CAME OFF!!! Now… again I was floating, but I couldn’t decide to shift left or right first… and then I woke up.

And the thing I thought of first was, I need to write this down! I shall call it, “Running Away With My Life.”

Weird, huh?


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