Happy New Year!!!

A bit late, admittedly. But… anyone who knows me… well let’s just say timely and efficient correspondence would likely cause great stress if not outright cardiac arrest for those nearest and dearest, and I’d like to keep my friends around. 😀

Most people know I write another blog, http://healthyhenning.wordpress.com/, where I talk about my husband’s progress with dialysis specifically, and his health in general. I started it in desperation because we have (had?) these friends who just would NOT give him a moment’s peace about it. Even on our wedding night, they were relentlessly calling for updates (he had actually talked to them THREE times that day, it’s not like they were starved for info). They were the worst, but by far not the only… and it was so draining at EVERY party or get-together to have to spend time, and time repeatedly, explaining everything. Of course, he could have been rude… and eventually it was getting to that… but most of the time he would just explain… again.

So I started that blog with the idea that I would update our friends about his health, his progress with surgeries, dialysis, etc. But sometimes it feels like my own personal rant space. It is hard to differentiate between what is explaining a system that seems horribly broken, and what is just a diatribe on the injustice and inefficiency I see on a regular basis. *shrug* But that would be a whole other blog, and I can’t really keep up with the ones I have now… LOL

THIS blog is for me… and as you may notice… sorely lacks in content. That is because in the last months, I have spent very little time with me.  I resolve to change that this year.

It’s not that I have more time, I probably will have even less time due to Henning’s schedule and my wanting to be with him and learn how to do dialysis for when he is able to do so at home.

It’s not that I have less going on, or less stress. We found out last month that our immigration information was incorrect… and now, dealing with all of that, I am not sure that I will be able to stay in Denmark.  We have put in paperwork supporting why I should be allowed to stay, but it’s anyone’s guess as to how that will affect the decision. So I don’t know if I will be here in a week, much less a year. And that is stressful.

So with less time and more stress than ever, I have resolved to be better to myself. To take time and space for just me. Even if it means taking that time and space from other activities. I don’t watch much TV, just an occaisional movie. I don’t spend much time reading. But I do spend a lot of time on the internet.

I confess, facebook is my enemy.  I spend a lot of time reading my friend’s posts and laughing. It is like anesthesia for my brain. But that is not always a good thing.

So I hope in the coming months to spend more time in the quiet of my own head, and hopefully that will translate to some interesting commentary here.


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