Just getting started

This one is just for me. I will talk about anything and everything that comes floating to the surface. The “Boys in the Basement” (read up on your Stephen King) have been hard at work since I started working non-stop on my novel, so there is quite a bit of stuff floating up these days.

I liked the idea of “either a ball or a hammer” because I read Naive Super by Erland Loe and really related to his need for something small, nostalgic and useful to deal with the trauma of being. I don’t have a hammer OR a ball. I do have a bike, but it’s locked and I lost the keys. Also, it’s about 2 inches too tall. Which would not be a big deal, but since I am afraid of falling, and since I can’t touch, it’s a problem… but I digress…

So… Let’s see how this shakes out.


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